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Sacred Birth Journey - a class for couples

Sacred Birth Journey Instructors are schooled in how to bring deep connection into the couple's experience BEFORE baby comes, so they feel more solid in their relationship and more mentally + physically + spiritually ready to welcome a new baby into their home.

Next class starts August 10th, 2016 in Fort Collins, CO

This is not your typical birth education class. This class is designed to give you as a couple tools to create and maintain a deep connection to each other as well as your coming baby. It will also cover some of the topics you would expect from a birth education class, but it is more about helping you to connect with yourself, your partner, and your baby to create a beautiful birth experience.

The 5 week “sacred birth journey” courses are for pregnant couples and explore the following topics:


sacred space + couples connect + birth visualizations + vision cards + mala making + mantras

Partner Projects : birth vision cards + making a mala & mantras + heart to heart connection with beloved


TRUST + fear release + LOVE HORMONE "oxytocin" + 'surrender' with the power of the senses
Partner Projects : mother wisdom + animal wisdom meditation + diving into the senses + finding your "sacred scent" (smell) + surrender with chocolate (taste) + birth song (sound) + sacred kiss (touch)


Birth Talk : PRACTICE limp & loose + stages of labor + birth videos + ohm-ing + Love LABOR METHOD + creating a SACRED HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE + SACRED KISS
Partner Projects : LOVE labor method + practice deep voice toning & ohm-img + learn a few rebozo techniques for comfort + birth ball + date with nature


Rite of passage + mother roasting + salt bowl + bow meditation (claiming parenthood)
Partner Projects : salt bowl + crossing the threshold into parenthood + learn traditional sacred belly bind

This is not your typical birth education class...this class is all about getting you out of your head and back into your soul and your body.


Sacred Pregnancy Manifesto (from Sacred Living Movement founder Anni Daulter)

Your Sacred Pregnancy is a journey. 

Our classes hold space for pregnant women to connect with one another and their pregnancy experiences in meaningful and personal ways. Sacred Pregnancy groups are being held all around the world and are the NEW WAVE of the pregnancy + birthing future. We are hell bent on changing the birth conversation as Sacred Pregnancy classes bring back the age old tradition of women sitting with one another during pregnancy and birth, getting EMPOWERED, witnessing each others process and BEING there for one another during an incredibly power-FULL rite of passage…becoming mothers.

Sacred Birth Journey classes are a special place for pregnant women and their partners to gather together, for 5 weeks later on in their ‘pregnancy journeys’. Each week is spent exploring pertinent topics that naturally arise for most women as they walk down their pregnancy paths and encourage deep sharing, exploring ART, expression, laughter, honoring and CELEBRATION. Pregnancy is one of the DEEPEST DRINKS life has to offer, and should always and in all ways be treated as SACRED!

Each woman’s pregnancy pot gets stirred with various emotions and we all need a safe place to process those tides and sip some sanity from the community cauldron. We want to take the pregnancy + BIRTH conversation through winding unsure roads, down unbeaten paths, out on adventures, for a slow dance, get sexy BEAUTIFUL with it, down and bloody with it, cram it with herbs, tears, passion, love and FRESH PERSPECTIVE, crack it open for new rays of sunlight to shine down and help enlightened visions grow, and mostly have fun pouring over all this juicy goodness together, in the new sisterhood we are creating! We are going old school in order to meet women where they need to be met!

The Sacred Pregnancy movement is blossoming because of two things:
1. women are calling for change

2. biz as usual isn’t enough! WE WANT MORE, WE DESERVE MORE, WE CRAVE MORE… and we are waking up to how to GET MORE! And what is this MORE I speak of?

MORE : honoring, love, sisterhood, good food, accurate cutting edge information, peace, calm, less needles and and cranky vibes, JOY, sexy, goofy, flowers, empowerment, creativity, round full gorgeous bellies, herbs, tinctures, soup!, BLISS, good tears, sweet tunes that MOVE us to dance and sweet babies born into our loving embrace.

Classes begin August 10th sign up online by going here

Friday, April 15, 2016

Sacred Postpartum/ Mother Roaster Services

Mother Healing $500

This package is designed to help soothe and heal mom right after birth, typically when she is still feeling raw and exposed in her new form.
If mom has had a c-section then it is best to wait 4-6 weeks postpartum to begin these practices in order to allow the body time to heal from the surgery.

  • Herbal Sitz Bath
  • Bottom Spray
  • Nipple Rescue
  • Abdominal hot stone application
  • Belly Firming Paste & Application
  • Belly Binding (includes belly bind fabric)
  • V-Steam 

Mother Sealing $200

This is a half-day ritualized event that is a wonderful way to honor mom's transition from maiden to mother. It can be done for mom's at any point in time after birth, anywhere from one day to forty years.
It makes for an especially beautiful rite to have close friends and family present for the Sealing Ceremony and Salt Bowl Ritual.
  • Birth Story Witnessing
  • Tea Ritual & Heart of the Mother Tea
  • Fear Releasing
  • A Mother's Journal
  • Ceremonial Bath 
  • Body Oil Rub Down 
  • Sealing Ceremony
  • Intention Setting Salt Bowl

Mother Nourishing $150

During birth mom gives a significant amount of her stored nutrients over to baby. Add on top of that the long process of labor itself and then baby's need for nourishment through milk, and mother's are often left feeling depleted.
This package is a bundle of nourishment delivered to your door to help restore mom's vitality post-birth. All food is made fresh to order so please let us know when mom is getting close to her time so we can get prepared ahead of time.
*If you have any food sensitivities or things you do NOT like to eat, please be sure to let us know when ordering this package*
  • Slaking Hunger
    • Carrot Bliss Soup
    • Red & Roasted Soup
    • First Day Porridge
    • Kitchari
    • Seeded Granola
  • Slaking Thirst
    • PostPartum Bliss Tea
    • Nursing Tea
    • Blissful Almond Milk 

Mother Embracing $150

Emotions can run rampant post-birth, and often unexpected thoughts and feelings arise. Having someone to talk to who can offer guidance and support can be crucial to help with mom's recovery and healing.
This is a consultation service with a clinical herbalist who will offer support through discussion with mom about her current postpartum state, and then create customized herbal and essence blend to help support her specific needs.
  • 1.5 hour consultation
  • Customized herbal formula
  • Customized flower/gem essence formula


Additional Healing $75/ hour plus cost of herbs

Have us come back for additional healing sessions post birth. Ideally every other day at least two additional times after the initial session.
  • Abdominal hot stone application
  • Belly Firming Paste & Application
  • Belly Binding
  • V-Steam 

Additional Embracing $75/hour plus cost of formulas

Follow-up sessions for mom's support as needed.

Purchase Products

Bath Oil
Belly Bind
Belly Firming Paste
Blissful Almond Milk
Bottom Spray
Carrot Bliss Soup
First Day Porridge
Heart of the Mother Tea
Mother's Journal
Nipple Rescue
Nursing Tea
PostPartum Bliss Tea
Red & Roasted Soup
Seeded Granola
Self-Love Body Oil
Sitz Bath Herbs
V-Steam Box
V-Steam Herbs
Warming Packs

Friday, March 25, 2016

Sealing Ceremony

Birth is an incredible, amazing and intense journey. As women, our bodies go through a lot of hard work to bring a child into the world. Through all of this work, through the triumphs, sorrows and joys, the sweat and tears, we are left open. We must allow ourselves to be open when we birth a child.

That openness can then leave us feeling empty after birth. Our bodies have been a vessel that carried and nurtured a small one (or even several small ones) for months. It is no wonder that our bodies would experience a vast emptiness once we have completed the birthing process. So, what then? How do we close ourselves after we have opened for something as incredible as birth? Well, why not have a beautiful closing ceremony.

While pregnant, women will have people "oooh" and "aaah" over their growing belly. After birth, that
attention seems to be turned to the baby. While it's well-intentioned, let's look at continuing to focus and honor the woman who made this birth possible. No, I don't mean the midwife or attending physician. I mean the mother. The continued care and keeping of mom, mothering her, can play a vital role in mom's healing.

Add to this a ceremony to "close the birthing process," and you are honoring the mother. As she heals, celebrates the life of her new child, and transitions into her role as mother, there is no greater honor than to recognize this process via ceremony.

Sealing ceremonies may seem strange to those of us living in the United States, or in other countries where there isn't a lot of emphasis put on the postpartum healing process, but it does happen in other parts of the world such as Malaysia and China. In other nations women are still mothering women after birth, honoring them for the incredible sacrifice that they have made, bestowing blessings upon these new mothers, holding space to allow these women to heal and close what was opened when they birthed their babies, and welcoming them back into society. The questions are, why don’t we do this in our country and what would happen if we did?

A SACRED tuck-in is a service in which several scarves are laid out one above the next. The mother lies down on top of the scarves and warm herbal flax-seed or herbal rice packs are placed across vital points on the mother's body (eyes, shoulder/heart, abdomen/womb, hips, knees, feet). As the warm herbal packs are placed, the scarf is brought up around the mother at each point and tied to allow for
a "tuck-in." She then lies there resting for a period of time being enveloped in the warmth.

The essence of all of this is meant to bring to light the importance of honoring new mothers, honoring their process, recognizing that each mother is different, but each deserving of having the space to be held, warmed, honored, and made to feel loved. When we limit our care to just when a woman is pregnant, we lose focus of the vital role that women play in birth, in life, and in creation. The time is now to come back full circle, and revive this important piece of the pregnancy and birthing process.

Closing the birth process is critical for so many reasons: energetically to finish the process, physically to heal the body, and spiritually to properly step over the threshold from maiden to mother. 
In Latin American countries this is commonly practiced by midwives as ‘closing the bones’ postpartum. It is traditionally done at day 3 postpartum but we have found woman LOVE it and benefit from it even 25 years postpartum! 
In Ecuador, it is sometimes given within hours of giving birth and repeated 5-6 times within the first 40 days. 

Our variation of the closing of the bones that we call the Sacred Sealing Ceremony is perfect after a ceremonial bath and a nice sesame oil warming rub down and when the mama is fully relaxed. It is never too late for a mama to practice this form of postpartum care!

This ceremony can serve several purposes for the postpartum mama:

*Physically it brings her back together, squeezing her joins and hugging all the areas that pregnancy and relaxing have loosened. It stimulates blood flow which in turn can help clean and renew the mother by moving fluid in her body. This can then help with finding balance for her hormones, immune system, toning muscles and tissue.

*Energetically it will bring her back together by holding her energy close. You can remind her to set intentions of coming home. She can invite all the threads of herself that may be have been scattered during the birthing process to be pulled back together.

*Emotionally it gives her a specific act/time to focus on sealing the birth process. By setting intentions of closing the birthing time and entering fully into motherhood she is able to emotionally transition herself in a way that western culture seldom allows.

Written by Master Mother Roaster Sara Harkness

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Yoni Steams

The concept of doing vaginal steams is still a very active practice in cultures across the world that have retained their traditional wise woman healing ways. 

In Malaysia a v-steam is an important component of the postnatal body treatment and given before the oil massage as the steam heats a mama’s body both internally and externally, softening her body and opening her pores for the massage to be even more effective.

In many traditions in Mayan and other Central American traditions Vaginal steaming is used as a way to treat various uterine issues. In Spanish it is called ‘bajos’ and is one of the first thing traditional healers call on when any sort of vaginal or uterine issues arises.

V-steams (also sometimes called yoni steams) bring heat to the womb. The use of specific herbs work in combination with each other to nourish, tone, heal, bring in fresh oxygenated blood, promote cleansing, and shrink the swollen vaginal and uterine tissues after pregnancy and childbirth. The moist heat opens the pores of the tissues it comes into contact with. The water vapor carries the medicinal benefits of the plants, including volatile oils. This is absorbed into the tissues and enters the bloodstream, having a direct healing affect on the reproductive system as vaginal tissue is one of the most absorbent of the entire female body.

A mama sits over a specially designed box that is placed over a large pot of hot water; herbs are added to the water which causes herbal steam to rise up into the vaginal area, bringing with it all the healing properties of the herbs. 

V-Steams are used postpartum primarily as a uterine lavage to ensure that all fluids after childbirth are being dispelled and are flowing as they are meant to be. It has the added benefit of introducing heat directly into the womb space via the vagina.

In many traditions of holistic midwifery care a vaginal steam is given within the first 9 days after childbirth. Some do it immediately, some at day 3, some day 6 and some day 9. Others wait until 6 weeks postpartum. Mayan tradition often does it on day 9 as the Mayan works with the number 9 as a
sacred number. Up to 3x within the first 9 days.

This is a traditional tool for Well Woman Care! This means that it should only be used postpartum after a birth that falls in the range of ‘normal’ and qualifies for well woman care.

For Fertility

Vaginal steams are a wonderful way to maintain a healthy yoni. They are great if one of the challenges is implantation because the steam helps make the lining of the womb supple and hospitable.

This is best done a week before your period— so knowing your cycle through regular charting is an important practical tool. You can do it 1-3 times during that week and continue each month until your bleeding is cramp free and pink/ bright red rather than dark or clotty.

Benefits of V-steams After Childbirth

• Helps softens and melts blood clots in the lochia for easy passing
• Reduces uterus swelling
• Reduces excessive vaginal discharge
• Eliminates foul odor
• Enhances the healing of tears and cuts in the vaginal area
• Helps tighten the pelvic floor muscles
• Reduces the possibility of vaginal infection and itchiness

• Helps cleanse and deodorize vaginal area (the vagina is great at self cleaning, when we say that it helps cleanse we mean that it supports the overall system giving it strength to do its job well!)

What about after a cesarean?

A mother should wait at least 6-8 weeks after a cesarean to have a vaginal steam. This is because it is generally risky to introduce that amount of heat to an area that had a recent incision and is healing in a different way. A mother who has had a cesarean birth can still benefit from a vaginal steam, she will just have to wait a bit longer to reep the benefits. For both the mothers and the mother roasters safety the postpartum mother may want to get the go ahead from her care provider before receiving the steam.


Do not use essential oils in the Vsteam because they may burn the delicate tissues of the perineum area.

Do not steam the perineum area if:
If there is hemorrhage
If there are open wounds, such as a tear, or stitches as this could cause pain and swelling
If the woman has an IUD
If there is the existence of a fever, uterine infection, vaginal sores or blisters

Herbs for Postpartum V-steams

The herbs used in after birth v-steams are a blend of herbs that have various healing qualities known to support feminine health! All herbs used for vaginal steaming are chosen for their aromatics. It is the volatile oil along with the steam itself that is carried up into the vaginal tissues to do its work.

Our top 3 herbs for v-steams

Oregano: Used for its antiseptic, stimulating and strengthening qualities
Basil: Increases blood circulation, anti-biotic properties, relieves headaches
Marigold Petals: Uterine and hormonal tonic (note* for the vaginal steam purposes you want the aromatic variety of marigold, not calendula)

Other great herbs for v-steams

Rosemary: Increases blood circulation to the reproductive organs, anti septic
Motherwort: Traditionally used specifically for fibroids and polyps
Lavender: Nourishes and relaxes the nervous system. It serves as an antispasmodic and antiseptic the perennial tissues
Mugwort: Traditional Korean/Chines her used for blood circulation and to awaken the Qi
Rose Petals: Gentle astringent to the tissue, fragrant
Plantain Leaf: Astringent, gentle antifungal, repairs internal tissues/organs, antiinflammatory
Chamomile: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, + anti-spasmodic
Partridge Berry: Classic uterine tonic
Thyme: Is typically warm, anti fungal, + antioxidant
Yarrow: Uterine tonic, pelvic circulatory, anti spasmodic

The Process

1. Fill a rice cooker 2/3 the way full, close the cover and turn on
2. When it is boiling add 1-2 cups of the dried herb mix into
3. the rice cooker with water and let boil for 10 minutes, then turn off and let mixture steep covered for 10min.
4. Place rice cooker with herbs in the yoni sauna/chair
6. Sit on the sauna to begin the yoni steam. You should sit on the steam for 15-20 minutes.
7. Wrap several large cloths or blankets around yourself, one for the bottom half of the body and one for the top around the shoulders. Wrap from the waistdown over the steam to hold in the heat.
8. Make sure that your feet are covered in socks or you could even use a flax seed back slightly warmed to keep your feet warm during the steam.
NOTE: Each person's tolerance to heat will be different. If you feel the steam is too hot, un-wrap the blanket and let out steam until the level of heat is comfortable and then re-wrap yourself. You can do this as many times as you likes. Usually unwrapping for a count of 10 seconds is enough to lower the amount of steam to a comfortable level.
9. After 15-20 min. when you are done you should immediately lie down and wrap yourself in a warm dry blanket for 20min to an hour to allow the steam and the heat to continue its work.
10. At the end of the steam offer the herbs back to the earth. Place in compost or in Garden.

*Have pads on hand for after steam.
∗Be sure to bring awareness to your womb space as you are steaming. You can invite your womb to be strengthened and nourished while giving your womb permission to release anything that is not serving her.
∗Due to the blood being stimulated, your face may become red and you may sweat. This is normal.
∗Make sure there is a cup of water or herbal tea for you to drink.
*After the steam, you will need to lie down for approximately 20 min to an hour. Your uterus will be working in response to the steam, so you should allow yourself time to rest and allow it to do its job.
*Mothers may notice some uterine cramping and/or increase in discharge directly after steaming. In extreme cases it can even smell foul or mother can have dark syrupy discharge or even small clots. Some woman who have gone through menopause, may even release old blood after a steam!

From the Sacred Postpartum & Sacred Fertility programs

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Moxabustion is an external heat therapy that is applied on or over an acu-moxa point on the body, or an affected site which is typically the abdomen and lower back areas for new moms. 

Moxa is made from the herb Mugwort Artemesia vulgaris and is a traditional Chinese medicine techinique that assists with postpartum healing by warming the abdomen, stops pain, moves Qi, circulates the blood, safeguards health, facilitates a speedy recovery and energizes the mama. 

Another name for postpartum moxa healing is “Mother Roasting.”

In traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion is used on people who have a cold or stagnant condition. The burning of moxa is believed to expel cold and warm the meridians, which leads to smoother flow of blood and qi.

Mugwort has a long history of use in folk medicine, not just in TCM. Research has shown that it acts as an emmenagogue ­ which is an agent that increases blood circulation to the pelvic area and uterus and stimulates menstruation. (1)

This service is aimed at supporting the new mother around two weeks postpartum. The warming method uses moxa and acupuncture treatment to encourage circulation of blood and vital energy in the abdomen, and to comfort and honor the mother at this transitional moment. 

It should not be used if the woman presents with signs of heat, for example, a high temperature, night sweats, inflamed cesarean scar, or other infection.

Written by Master Mother Roaster Sara Harkness

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Abdominal Hot Stone Press

A traditional hot stone abdominal press technique is used to introduce heat to the body, invite the womb to return to size and expel excess air and trapped energy from the womb space which is believed in many cultures to be the ‘heart of the woman’.

Before putting on a belly wrap, mamas get a hot stone pressed to her abdomen and body. A river stone roughly 3lbs in weight is heated over a low flame for 20 minutes or the stones can be put in a crockpot to heat up (keep crockpot dry with no liquid).

It is then wrapped in layers of cloth interspersed with pieces of leaves that have healing properties such as turmeric, ginger or lemongrass. This practice infuses deep heat over the entire body (except the head and genital area), but focuses on the abdomen and torso area.

Since we don't always have access to large leaves and fresh turmeric, we make this press with powdered herbs and batik cloth.

The effects of the deep heat on the abdominal area are the following:

*It promotes faster shrinking of the womb
*Helps to flattens the tummy
*Expels trapped air
*Helps with digestion and constipation
*Helps heat and nourish the womb space of the mama
*Breaks up residual blood clots allowing for the lochia to flow more easily speeding the healing process
*Relieves tense muscles

We first prepare the bundle by mixing up a special warming herbal mixture of Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cumin, Ginger, Nutmeg, Turmeric, and Anise.

Theses spices are then laid on the piece of cloth and a heated river stone is laid on top of the spices.
We then gather the edges of the cloth and bind them together to form your bundle. This bundle will be used to press gently but firmly on the mother’s abdomen (or maybe even her arms and legs!).

The process is very soothing and relaxing and makes for an excellent way to pamper moms post birth.

*Note: after a cesarean birth the mother will need to wait at least 6-8 weeks before receiving the hot stone press.

Written by Master Mother Roaster Sara Harkness

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Postpartum Care

The intensity of the birthing process can lead to some degree of bruising, swelling and discomfort, tissue trauma, and, in some cases, the need for perineum repair or suturing.

The likelihood of tearing during the birthing process is influenced by many complex factors including: long-term nutrition, hydration at the time of birth, the position of the baby, the speed of the birth, overall pelvic floor tone and health, and genetic factors related to tissue elasticity.

Some women are led to believe that her care provider plays a large role in her likelihood of tearing, and while there are certainly things that can be done to help support a mother’s perineum it is just one piece of the puzzle.

Feelings of physical discomfort can, in many cases, be relieved and healing aided with herbal and homeopathic remedies.

Some of these are:

According to Chinese Medicine, pregnancy is a heating condition, and birth journey can cause a rapid reduction in the internal heat of the mother.

Helping to warm the mother, with the use of warming herbal infusions, compresses and oils, will assist with her overall transition but particularly with her tissue repair.

Applying gentle heat to areas of need will protect the mother’s internal heat and increase circulation to the area of a soreness, swelling or laceration.

The additional circulation can best aid in the healing process. Applying ice is only recommended if the mother has extreme swelling or a hematoma (a blood blister that results from a broken blood vessel seeping under a layer of skin).

Written by Master Mother Roaster Sara Harkness

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